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Grand Master Stan Martin:

Grand Master Stan Martin Grand Master Stan Martin       Grand Master Stan Martin is Wyoming's only ninth degree black belt.  His tireless enthusiasm and remarkable technique has rightfully established his position as not only the leader of USTF affiliated clubs here in Wyoming, but also as the ambassador to Scotland and New Zealand.  Here's what he has to say:

       "I started my Taekwon-Do career in February of 1971 to present.  My first instructor was Mr. Jim Ford under the guidance of C.E.(Chuck) Sereff of Denver, Colorado.  Casper Wyoming was the first satellite Taekwon-Do school for the United States Taekwon-Do Federation.  (The satellite schools have since grown to hundreds all over the United States.)

      "I attained the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt on August 18, 1975 and was appointed as Co-State Director for the USTF with Mr. Kevin Doing at the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt, later becoming the State Director.  I was appointed as one of the Vice Presidents for the USTF which covered 11 states in 1990, and after the re-organization of the USTF in 1992 was appointed as the Regional Director for region 2, which included Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Alaska, Montana and Hawaii.  I currently hold the office of Vice President of the USTF.  (Editor's Note:  Sr. Master Martin has since held the office office of President of the USTF and is currently an ambassador)

      "In 1983, I received the Thomas J. Lipton Boys Club Sportsman Award for community service in developing kids through the Boys Club of America.  This was the first one given in the United States.

      "I have had the opportunity since 1988 to be the commissioner for the karate event in our community for the Wyoming State Games for 18 of the 20 years that it was held; this brought many styles of martial arts together which helped to promote the professionalism and fairness that the USTF has to offer.

      "In July of 1989 I became the first 4th Degree Black Belt in Wyoming and later in 1990 was certified as an International Instructor by General Choi Hong Hi the founder of Taekwon-Do.   In 1994 I received the International Umpire certification from our founder.

      "I had an opportunity in 1992 to be one of the instructors to teach at Massey University in Palmerston North, New Zealand at the Taekwon-Do world camp.

      "In April, 2002 I was promoted to 7th Degree Master Instructor by Senior Grand Master Sereff at the last International Seminar given by our founder General Choi Hong Hi, becoming the first Master Instructor of Wyoming.  I was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Master Instructor on August of 2003.

      "Most recently (March 28th, 2009) I was promoted to 8th Degree Black Belt in Broomfield, Co. and later had the promotion ceremony in Casper on April 4, 2009, where over 100 invited guests came to celebrate in one of the worst storms Wyoming had to offer.  Senior Grand Master Sereff, Grand Master Renee Sereff and Master Kirk Steadman were among the guests along with Instructors and friends from Wyoming, Colorado and Utah.

      In my over 40 years of Taekwon-Do experience I have had an opportunity to teach many students, develop them technically and interpersonally, watch and encourage their venture out to start schools of their own and be a part of their Taekwon-Do experience.  I would like to invite anyone that is interested in martial arts to visit one of our schools.  Taekwon-Do has changed my life completely and has given me the chance to do the same for many.  You will learn a great deal about yourself and how to improve yourself not only in the Dojang but in your daily life.

Grand Master Martin USTF 9-5

Offices Held:

USTF Black Belt Certifications:

All promotions conducted by Senior Grand Master Sereff

International Qualifications

All certifications via General Choi Hong Hi

USTF Certifications

All Instructor Certifications via Grand Master Winegar

USTF Referee Certifications

Ho Sin Sul / Knife Defense/ Ground fighting Seminars/Pressure Point

Master Frank Hannon / Brian Kirkhorn

    Grand Master Martin's dojang is located in the heart of Casper, Wyoming.  Check out his school in the "About Us" section.

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